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August 2019


The viviparous lizard

Scale 2:1

Sculpture realised for the Elmer Lab at the University of Glasgow.

Elizabeth is a beautiful specimen of viviparous common lizard (Zootoca vivipara) captured and released during a fieldwork expedition in the Carinthian Alps in Summer 2019. She was the first lizard I've ever caught and one of the most stunning of the whole sampling season.

For this reason, she was also chosen as female protagonist for the Team Lizard logo (see Illustrations).

List of materials

Lizard & mealworms

- Epoxy resin

- Epoxy clay

- Acrylic paint


- Wooden box

- Coarse sand

- Fake moss

- Small pond rocks

- Epoxy resin

Sculptures: Pro Gallery

12 cm x 10 cm

August 2019 - 2020


The baby hippo

Spud is a happy hippopotamus calf who was born to test different media. He was my first model made of wax-based clay and my first attempt at silicone moulding and resin casting. Although he was never meant to be a realistic model –hence the adorable smile and stylised anatomy–, I've tried to give him a lively expression and pose.

List of materials



- Monster clay

Final model

- Polyurethane resin

- Acrylic paint

- Oil paint

January 2019

Sea beagle

10 cm

A small study started to test a new brand of polymer clay and add some life to an empty flat.

List of materials

- Polymer clay

- Acrylic paint

The harp seal pup